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images.jpgCanada has a criminal code with 2 particular sections containing information on fraud and identity theft; 402.2 and 403. It is similar to Queensland’s criminal code as it provides a definition of fraud and when they are committing the crime. For example in section 403 in the Canadian criminal code it states that “everyone commits an offence that fraudulently personates another person, living or dead.” (Criminal Code (Canada), s 403)

us_flag.gifNorth Carolina in the US has general statute laws which contains a number of chapters that branch of into issues criminal and civil. In chapter 14: Criminal Law it has numerous articles that are acts or branch off from chapter 14 that relate to credit card fraud. These articles include Article 19A Obtaining Property or services by False or Fraudulent Use of Credit Device or Other Means, 19B Financial Transaction card Crime Act and 19C Identity Fraud. This statute law contains information relavent to this issue and goes into depth of all scenarios related. For example in Acticle 19A 14-113.1. Use of false or counterfeit credit device, Article 19B 14-113.8 Definitions, 14-113.14. Criminal possession of financial transaction card forgery devices and 14-113.17. Punnishment and penalties.

mesothelioma-law-firm1.jpgCredit card fraud is almost impossible to stop, control, prevent and detect yet alone catch those responsible. Many perpetrators operate overseas making detection and prosecution less likely. The offenders tend to work overseas in countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russian, Belarus and Moldova according to fraudpractice.com where law enforcement is overstretched, corrupt, lax or is non-existent, therefore no laws to protect us.