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Banks should take more responsibility to help us as consumers not be victims of credit card fraud. They should recognise that people fall victim to this crime daily and they should be liable to recieve their losses. As technology advances credit card fraud tactics evolve to meet this newer technology. Credit card fraud is always going to be around and banks like the Commonwealth bank should provide support and give information about the issue on how to prevent it and what they can offer.

There should be specific acts for each crime. For example with credit card fraud it should have a theft act with relevant crimes to stealing. This would make it simpler for people to know about the laws by knowing what crime it is similar to. Another way to combat credit card fraud would be to try and create international laws and regulations where different nations throughout the world can enforce and control the crime. As the world growing international laws would make sense. However, laws created to this issue needs to be able to evolve with newer technology and needs to be enforcable to protect victims in other countries to catch those responsible overseas.

The crime of credit card fraud includes identity theft, forgery and fraud. With current Qld legislation for example states that a persone who commits the crime of fraud is liable to imprisionment depending on the case. When looking at the possible consequences for the victim of this crime the criminal isn't serving enough time. To make people think about the crime before they commit it the punnishment should be raised as 5 years isn't serving justice for victims.
ftc_logo.pngLaw Enforcement Agency:
In the US there's a 'Federal Trade Commission has joined eight state law enforcers in the United States and four Canadian agencies in an initiative targeting deceptive spam and Internet fraud. The agencies have brought 63 law enforcement actions against Web-based scams ranging from auction fraud to bogus cancer cure sites.’ (ftc.gov, 2002)
"Cyberspace is a wondrous place, but we are quickly learning that it can also be a dangerous place for the unwary," said Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire. "While the scams are often very familiar, use of the Internet creates some major new challenges for consumer protection organizations. That's why it's so important that state, provincial and national consumer protection laws should be created and enforceable to meet these new challenges." If Australia joined or created a federal commission similar to this is could help in combating this issue and possibly create treaties with other countries in relation to the issue of credit card fraud.

The best way for a crime like credit card fraud to be stopped is to prevent it. There are a number of ways to prevent credit card fraud. These can include:
  1. Don't write down your credit card pin number
  2. Shred all personal iformation like date of birth
  3. Be cautious when using your credit card online
  4. Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately
  5. Review your bank statements each month
  6. Never transmit credit card information over email or phone as it is not secure
  7. Notify your bank if you have changed address
  8. Put a lock on your letter box
  9. Never carry all your credit cards if you have more than 1
  10. Learn about the crime and learn how to tell if you are going to be the next victim of credit card fraud.

It's always easier to know the crime to prevent it in time!

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